About the Phone App V3 [3.1.3] category

@everyone Phone App V3.1.3 is now available for download via TestFlight or the Google Play store (beta users only). Please install the latest version - you may need to revisit the original invitation link found here for latest version access (How To Install Conductor Beta Version for Android // How To Install Conductor Beta Version for iPhone ) and test rigorously! Feedback for the V3 phone app has been overwhelmingly positive.

As you discover any bugs or issues using the latest version, please post them here by posting a separate appropriately named topic. Please take a look or search to see if the bug has already been reported before creating a new topic. If you have some information or documentation to add that relates to a reported bug or issue, please post on the existing topic instead of creating a new one.

Remember: a screenshot or video capture is worth 1000 words! Please provide as much detail and documentation as possible to give our team the best chance at quickly diagnosing and fixing any issues.

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