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Beta Features

Welcome to the ‘Beta Features’ category. This is your go-to place for discussing, exploring, and providing feedback on all the latest beta features, including our current focus on ‘vTuner.’ As we release new beta features, additional child categories will be added here, allowing you to dive into specific functionalities and innovations. If you’re using ‘vTuner’, please direct your discussions and feedback specifically to the ‘vTuner’ subcategory. For other features introduced in the future, be sure to post under their respective child categories.
Please make sure to search for existing discussions to avoid duplication, and feel free to post your insights and suggestions.

Feature Requests & Suggestions

Please create a topic here for any new feature requests or suggestions for improvement. Prior to posting, please search to see if a similar request has already been made. Give a “LIKE” to features you want to see prioritized.