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@everyone Phone App V3.0.11 is now available for download via TestFlight or the Google Play store (beta users only). Please install V.3.0.11 (How To Install Conductor Beta Version for Android // How To Install Conductor Beta Version for iPhone) and test rigorously! Feedback for the V3 phone app has been overwhelmingly positive. If no critical issues are found, V3.0.11 is a candidate for public release.

As you discover any bugs or issues using V3.0.11, please post them here by posting appropriately named topic. Please take a look or search to see if the bug has already been reported before creating a new topic. If you have some information or documentation to add that relates to a reported bug or issue, please post on the existing topic instead of creating a new one.

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This appears to be a device specific bug on a W20SE.

Right now have iPhone Beta 3.0.6 but this is not listed as fixed in 3.0.11 so assume is still an issue.

Under Front Display - the W20SE has never supported the blue or orange VU meters yet you can choose them (see screenshot)

Ironically the display actually shows them but they don’t seem to move at all.

In Conductor on iPad or Conductor Lite this option is not listed for a W20SE.

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Hello @RickSmith,

Thank you for your feedback!

The bug is already fixed and we are having an internal test.

I think You will be available to use the modified version in the next beta release. :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if this is a bug or it is part of design. In this beta the header area in “library” tab is fixed. So when you are using album art for browsing library, there is space left for only 4 albums on one screen. On Aurender lite iPhone app, all this header is auto hidden during browsing, so there is more room for album art display, so 6 albums are visible. See screenshots from my iPhone 13 pro.
I dont know how others, but I prefer album art for browsing and only 4 albums visible at once on the screen is very limited.


@Koso thank you for this thoughtful feedback. Personally i think it would be nice to have the header auto-hide…I think it takes up too much screen real estate. @daniellim what do you think? Can we discuss internally with dev team to see if there is a smart way to auto-hide the header when browsing/scrolling?


Yes, I also agree with the idea.
I already added on our wish list but I can’t inform the exact release date at this moment.

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