Sorting order in album view

I would really like an addition in the sorting of albums in the album view:

  • Sort by Album (A-Z)
  • Sort by Album (Year)
  • Sort by Artist/Album (A-Z)
  • Sort by Artist/Album (Year)
  • Sort Random

I have my physical vinyl and cd’s in order of release, and would really like this possibility in the Conductor app as well.

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I just discovered this made it into the new build! Thank you very much!

Those are good additions but really need the sorting that was fixed a couple of years ago in V3 to be brought back forward in V4. Anything prefaced with something like “The” gets sorted to the end of the next letter in the sequence. For Example The Beatles is at end of B versus toward the beginning of B.

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I think it actually did work correctly in the first versions, but for some reason it broke again…