How To Install Conductor Beta Version for Android (V3)

Use either of the following links to join the beta program and install the latest Aurender Conductor V3 beta app:

Join on Android device and install app immediately:

Join on the web and install app later:

@Daniel @Samuel is the most recent Android release available for users to download here? Do we need to update the link?

@arimargolis I’m sorry for the late reply.

The 3.0.6 is still in review(by Google). So, Currently, the available version for download is 3.0.2.

@Daniel do you know if there has been any update in the last few days? @v.vanrooij FYI

@arimargolis Finally the review for the 3.0.6 version is finished. You can download(update) 3.0.6 version of the v3 app. I think the review took longer than usual.
FYI @v.vanrooij