Forum Rules & Guidelines

THANK YOU for volunteering to be an Aurender beta tester. Your support and feedback means a great deal and helps us improve our product for you! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions as well as your reports of bugs or features that may not be working right.

There are a few rules which must be followed to ensure this remains a productive space:

  • Be respectful! Remember you are here to help and Aurender’s development team is taking your feedback very seriously. Any disrespectful or counterproductive discourse will not be tolerated. When dealing with a beta version of any app, there will be bugs and issues. That’s what we’re here to fix. We are all on the same team here with the mission of making the Aurender Conductor app better.
  • THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT FORUM. If you are experiencing a problem with your Aurender and require technical support, our staff is standing by and can be reached at or by sending a Remote Support email via the Aurender app.
  • Report any bugs & issues under the topic for the latest app version. When reporting a bug, please check to see if someone has already reported it. If you have something to add, please keep it on the same topic thread as the original report instead of creating a new topic thread.
  • Log any feature requests or suggestions in the appropriate category.