[3.0.11] Release Notes

Conductor for Phone has been under development for quite some time. The following release notes only detail what is new from the previous version.

New Feature

  • Added automatically reconnect to the unit after reboot.


  • Removed the “Copy all to Aurender” button. (Remains “Smart Copy from USB folder” button.)
  • Changed the “Unbalance HP” button to “Headphone” (for A20)
  • Improved internet connection for Qobuz.
  • Improved scanning status.
  • Improved updating playlist buttons from popup windows.
  • Improved disk information accuracy.
  • Improved the shuffle button to hide it when there is just one song in the Queue.
  • Improved the passcode screen’s stability.
  • Improved the accuracy of the connection screen.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Clone button doesn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug the playback moves by 2 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that displays the wrong selected input name. (for A10, A100)
  • Fixed a bug that displays a grey screen instead of an Artist view in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug the app displays widgets even though the wifi is disconnected.
  • Fixed the artist button’s clickable area.
  • Fixed a bug the navigation for folder view doesn’t work in some conditions.
  • Fixed the dialog UI for better visibility.
  • Fixed a bug a song is duplicated in the queue when Consume mode is on.
  • Fixed a bug the scanner doesn’t start after the language setting changed.
  • Fixed a bug that the new DB doesn’t apply in some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug the ACS content wasn’t able to play in folder view.
  • Fixed typo in streaming setting. (“contentand” ➝ “content and”)
  • Fixed a bug the mini player disappears in some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug the db downloader is triggered in some condition.
  • Fixed a bug that a grey window appears when the screen is turned on from auto-lock.
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