Year, Number of titles, lenght in album window

I appreciate that the explanations given in French in the settings are much better than on V3, but on the title line of a CD appears in French ‘xx Chansons’. It would be better to write ‘xx Titres’ because some titles, such as pieces or movements in classical music for example, can’t be called ‘Chansons’.
Thanks for caring.

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@Streetplane Thank you for your feedback regarding the French translations in our app settings, and especially your observation about the use of ‘xx Chansons’ on the title line of a CD. We appreciate your suggestion to use ‘xx Titres’ instead, considering the diversity of music, including classical pieces.

To ensure we accurately address this, could you kindly provide a screenshot showing where ‘xx Chansons’ appears? I apologize for the inconvenience, but this will help us locate and correct the specific area in the app.