vTuner Internet Radio

Please post any questions/feedback related to vTuner.

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Streaming-internet Radio; the switch Use vTuner does not work
I can’t switch it on!

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Update your firmware to latest iteration in the device itself. Sorted it for me!

Also BBC radio appears on vTuner but won’t work.
I think it’s no longer available outside the Sounds app.
I’m really not happy I can’t access any BBC station (you can click on them but they won’t play!!).

I like that I can get all of my local public radio stations. But once playing, I cannot turn off a station using the pause button. I had to replace the queue to get rid of the station.

@harrylee I absolutely love that you FINALLY switched to VTuner!
Please add an “End Stream” button. You can replace the “Clear Playlist” button for that (which does the same, but would make it a lot more clear for users).

Can someone from Aurender clarify if BBC radio (UK) stations can work on vTuner?