Unbearable Database updates!

Hi, I just experience the new V4 Conductor. Some items are welcome, completing the ‘old’ but very good version, but a few ones are more than irritating:

Database update in progress keeps coming back with the little cogwheel spinning after each library update and completely block the conductor (more than 6 minutes each time (v 4.1 and v4.1.5 that I downloaded) for 4TB of data, 5460 albums). As soon as one update is finished, we start again with another one just as long. If only we could read the files during that time! This makes the Conductor very unpleasant and even completely unusable for me.
Besides, the ‘Library Data Download’ window does not close with the ‘Hide’ key.
There 's no more ‘Scanner’ item in the Settings, so we have to wait for the Conductor to launch a scan after modifying/adding some files whenever it decides.
I’ve been a fan of Aurender for many years but this update is to be revisited deeply !
Best regards.

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The Scanner function is still there with more feedback now of what is going on buts its under the “Storage & Library Information” section of settings.

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@Streetplane Thank you for sharing your detailed experience with the recent updates. We apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing. Could you please update your app to the latest beta version 4.1.6 and then perform a ‘Clean Scan’? You can find this option under Settings > Storage & Library Information. If the issue with the database update persists, could you send us a Remote Support Email? To do this, navigate to Settings > Help > ‘Send Remote Support Email.’
(Thank you @RickSmith for clarifying the location of the Scanner function for @Streetplane.)

You can also refer to these manuals for further guidance for the update:

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  2. How to Install Conductor V4 Beta for iPad?