Tidal’s bit rate identifiers

Congrats for the new app. Great work. I wonder if the changes in tidal’s new era app (after mqa discontinuance) will be implemented sooner or later. I refer to identifiers like low, hifi or max.
Thank you

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Hello @livasperiklis,

Thank you so much for the kind words and for using our new app!

Regarding your inquiry about the changes in Tidal’s new era app, as of now, Tidal hasn’t provided the ‘MAX’ identifier to third parties. Rest assured, once they make it available, we will promptly implement and update it in our app.

Hello @daniellim ,
Thank you! I really appreciate your continuous efforts for a better app environment. Please allow me one more question on the same subject: Does this change of Tidal affect the sound quality on aurender?

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@livasperiklis Regarding your question about whether the changes in Tidal affect the sound quality on Aurender: these changes do not have an impact on sound quality to Aurender. If an issue should arise in the future related to this, we will address it through a software update.

Thanks again for your ongoing engagement and feedback.