Text format issue in top row on iPad

Using an iPad 5th generation - the top row for songs, artists, albums etc. breaks up the ‘Conductors’ tab by wrapping the ‘s’ at the end which causes vertical misalignment. Perhaps this could be fixed? (Have not checked if this happens with later generation iPads)
See screenshot attached.
Conductor version: 4.0.10 (431)
iOS version: 16.6

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Hello @henk,
Thank you for your feedback regarding the text wrapping issue with the ‘Conductors’ tab. I want to clarify that this issue isn’t limited to smaller screens; it can also occur when the font size settings are larger. I’ve added this particular concern to our wishlist for future improvements.

Thank you Daniel. I did try the font size setting in the iPad’s iOS settings and it does work to solve the issue. It does mean that on some other applications the fonts end up a bit smaller than what is comfortable but it does resolve this in conductor :slight_smile:

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Wanted to add to this as behavior appears to have changed in V4.1.

The size of text below albums appears to be like it was in V3 (ie slightly reduced from V4 and that looks good). However the top title bar was nicely spaced in V3 and centered vertically and now is very compressed in V4.1 and appears slightly moved toward bottom of space. This has no impact on functionality but is aesthetically not as nice.

The top bar also now includes “Playlists” which also remains on the lower left of the app - not sure adding to top improves anything.

Annotated screenshots attached from iPad Pro 12.9".

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@RickSmith Thank you for your thoughtful feedback on the changes to the top title bar in version 4.1. We appreciate your detailed observations. I’ve added both issues—the alignment of the buttons in the top and the redundancy of ‘Playlists’ appearing in two places—to our wishlist for future updates.

@RickSmith As a follow-up to your earlier concerns about the ‘Playlists’ button appearing in two places, I wanted to offer some context. The two placements serve different functions:

  1. The Playlist button at the bottom of the queue is designed to provide an easy way to load playlists into the queue.
  2. The Local Playlists option in the view type has been added to create a balance with streaming services. This allows users to also see and edit their local playlists. Since this button specifically focuses on local content, it does not display streaming services.