TD100 USB Trigger

It seems like the TD100 is not supported yet in Conductor 4 - there is no TD100 settings screen.
Note - Have only tried this on W20SE (maybe it is different on A series models - still have to try)

It does work with W20SE on Conductor 3, but there is no power button in the UI so you have to turn on and off the external devices via the settings screen otherwise they switch on and off with the Aurender

Also, the delay settings don’t seem to work. Both ports immediately switch on when the Aurender is turned on out of standby.
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Ideally surely a system (i.e. the triggers) should be easily turned on and off via a power button in the UI without the actual Aurender being turned on and shut down on the front panel? So the Aurender could be on, and therefore visible in the App, which means the user can simply press a power button in the UI to turn on the rest of the system?

It’s been moved under a different section - look under “Power Controls”. I attached a screen shot.

Hello Rick. Thank - yes - I did see the power controls section but the issue is that the TD100 does not show there… as if it is not detected. In Conductor 3 it shows and offers slider switches for turning the outputs on and off, setting delays etc, but it is not visible in Conductor 4.

Will try today with an A20 to see if this could be an issue specific to the W20SE or if it is just something with Cond. 4

Hi @henk interesting as I took the screen cap with V4 on an iPad connected to a W20SE as additional information.

Indeed. When there is no TD100 connected it looks the same on our side (with W20SE and C4)
When there is a TD100 connected the image of the TD100 disappears and all you see is the TD100 heading, no device, no sliders, no text.

Tested on the A20 and the same with Conductor 4. In Conductor 3, just like with the W20SE, the TD100 does show and respond to sliders for trigger on/off.

MORE INFO after further testing:
The delays work on Shutting down the aurender - i.e. triggers follow sequence and time settings when switching off. (These had to be set using C3 as they don’t show in C4 but once set it seems to always work on Shutdown regardless of which Conductor version is in use)

The delays however do not work on turning ON the aurender - both triggers come on immediately.