Suggest add picture view function in library window

Then I could view the booklets for my CD collection

@Howie The feature you’re looking for is already available in both the Albums tab and the Player window.
In the Albums tab, you can select picture view to see the artwork associated with each album. In the Player window, artwork is displayed as well.
Please refer to the attached screenshot for more details.

If you have any further questions or need additional features, feel free to let us know.

Hi Daniel
I noticed there are two pictures could be view, which must named as folder/cover and back, but no more other pictures allowed to review in the library window. Do I have to rename all those pictures and how? For those CDs I have ripped, I hope I could also be able to view scanned booklets(lyrics & artworks) , and Now I have to use other app such as ES viewer to do this.

Agree that it would be nice to have locally placed pdf-booklets directly accessible from V4 (just like those in Qobuz;-)