Small translation problems and a few questions

Hi, I am new using the Forum and I am an enthousiastic user of the new Conductor v4 on my A100. Love it! There are a few things I would like to notice. I appreciate the Dutch translations of many notions, but ‘save’ in English has to be translated by ‘bewaren’ in Dutch and not by ‘sparen’. The notion ‘afspeellijst’ needs a capital letter, as well as the notion ‘artiesten’. And why is the name George Harrison in many tracks by The Beatles in capital letters, and the other guys’ names not? And I have a problem in finding the three little dots that are present in Conductor v3 to open my playlists. I can’t find the three dots in V4 after I cleaned a playlist. To conclude: I am wondering what the small bright white numbers stand for, not the ones indicating the number in the playlist, but the ones on the far right (see picture). That’s it. Keep up the good work. Great job! Gerard.

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@Gerard Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your enthusiastic feedback on Conductor v4 for your A100. It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the app!

  1. Dutch Translations: We appreciate your attention to detail with the translations. The translation of ‘save’ will be corrected to ‘bewaren’ instead of ‘sparen’, and the term ‘afspeellijst’ will start with a capital ‘A’ in the next version.

  2. Capitalization in Artist Names: Regarding George Harrison’s name appearing in capital letters, this is sourced directly from Qobuz and reflects their data format. We strive for consistency but are sometimes limited by the information provided by third-party services.

  3. Accessing Playlists: In version 4, you can access your playlists directly from the ‘Playlists’ tab at the top, rather than using the three dots as in version 3.

  4. Bright White Numbers: The small bright white numbers on the far right are index buttons. When you tap one of these numbers, you’ll be navigated to that position in the Queue. The numbers to the left are the index number of the item in the Queue.

We’re continuously working to improve Conductor and your detailed feedback is invaluable in this process. If you have any more questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share.

Thank you for your support and kind words. Keep enjoying your music with Conductor v4!

“Save” in the Dutch translation should be “Opslaan”, and not “Bewaren”.
Also, “Oke” should be “OK”.

As mentioned in my earlier post, PLEASE make the language user selectable!!!


I think it is wise to centrally arrange the translation with the Dutch importer More Music. Before all the Dutch dyslexics get involved. Then we are even further from home !

Om eerlijk te zijn zie ik niet in wat More Music hiermee te maken heeft…