Replaceable Storage

I have several aurender components and am overall very pleased. However, I am concerned about the fact that manufacturers appear to be moving away from 2.5" SSD storage and are moving more toward PCI types of storage ( NVMe). Currently, the largest SSD I am able to buy is 8 TB. I would like to be able to purchase a larger model, but it doesn’t seem to be offered by any manufacturers I am aware of nor do I see plans to offer larger models. Do you have any suggestions?


Hi @Steveoat,

Thanks for sharing your concerns and I understand that.

Before answering your question, may I know how much content you have?

18 TB and growing.

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@Steveoat I think it doesn’t seem that the manufacturers have stopped producing a larger storage capacity of 2.5 SATA SSDs. If NVMe is released with a larger storage capacity than 2.5 SATA SSDs in the future, you can install NVMe in Aurender through this kind of NVMe Adapter

I think most of these adapters will be compatible. However, please note that not all adapters may be compatible with Aurender.

Thanks Daniel for getting back to me. In terms of SSD larger than 8TB, I am not currently aware of any manufacturer who produces a drive that is 16 TB. Are you aware of any? Also, in terms of NVMe Adapters, are you aware of any that work with Aurender? If so, which models?

Hi @Steveoat,
I’ve been looking for it too, but 16TB doesn’t seem to exist yet.

Please understand that I can’t recommend a specific models.
But I think most adapters on the market will be compatible.