Problems with Wikipedia window

I really like new V4 frontend on my iPad.
A good feature I liked from the start with Conductor is the connection to Wikipedia.

In V4 I found 2 problems:

Sometimes I am linked to the english and sometimes to the german site…how can I control that??

Most annoying is the problem that the new window for Wikipedia within V4 is totally static. I am not able to scroll through the content which is very uncomfortable…V3 behaves as expected…

Any ideas if the problem is on my side or if this is a malfunction?

Regards Peter

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I have the same problem on my iPad in V4


@PeterHo Thank you for sharing your positive feedback about the new V4 frontend on your iPad, and I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the Wikipedia feature in Conductor.

@PeterHo @Bertstream Regarding the Wikipedia links directing you to English and German pages inconsistently, it would be helpful if you could share screenshots of both occurrences. This will aid us in understanding the issue more clearly and finding a way to give you more control over the language settings.

As for the static Wikipedia window in V4, I understand how not being able to scroll through the content can be frustrating. I have added this issue to our wishlist to be addressed in future updates.

@daniellim problem with static Wikipedia window has been gone with latest V4-release. Scrolling is now smooth and fine :slight_smile:
Thank you and the team for taking care and fixing that issue.

Regards Peter

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