Playlist error

Great improvement adding vtuner. Keep up the good work. Just experienced a total freeze while adding a Tidal song to Now Playing. Had to restart the A10. Using latest versions of ios apps. See enclosed screenshots. Notice the complete empty black Now Playing screen. Couldn’t add or play any songs.

And tried to adjust the display color, had to do it in v3 of the app, because didn’t work in v4. All in all, doesn’t feel really stable yet to be honest. Will try to report bugs.
Update: switching between optical and A10 input doesn’t work.

@DeBree Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on our beta forum and for your kind words about the vTuner integration. We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced with our Conductor app.

To help us investigate these issues more thoroughly, could you please send us a support email if these problems persist in the latest version 4.3 of the app? You can do this by going to Settings > Help > Send Remote Support Email within the app.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your mail. Will do. It’s much more stable now, using the Vtuner radio often, great work!
Kind regards,