Favorite icon in Tidal

Firstly, congrats for the new app! One thing I’d like to have is the re-appearance of the favorite icon at the end of the listed songs In Tidal. It’s absolutely amazing to see my favorites when opening an album or a playlist.

please put back the arrow pointing to the song being played


Hello @Dn1aurender,
I’ve responded to your comment on another post.

@rap Thank you for the feedback. I’ll make sure to add this to our wishlist and discuss it with our development team. We appreciate your input and aim to enhance the user experience based on valuable feedback like yours.

Hopping now is clear enough my request…

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It’s strange but is some cases appearing the favorite icon ( red hart)…is it something I can do so as to appearing always, as it was in the old version?

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@Dn1aurender Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for providing screenshots to help us understand the issue better. I’ve added it to our wishlist for future updates.