Error Wav/Aiff on USB output

Hello ,
When I connect the A15 to Esoteric N05XD with USB (both are up to date ), all works fine BUT if I try to play aiff or wav files (96Khz and 192Khz) , N05XD has a bad recognition of the file’s type ( it display DSD ) and the sound produce is ugly. Have you an idea to solve the problem ?
Ps : the same files played directly on the N05XD with a USB key works fine , also A15 is able to play them correctly on the analogue output.

Hello @Sebastien,

I apologize for the delayed response to your question. I understand you are experiencing an issue with playing AIFF or WAV files (96kHz and 192kHz) on your Esoteric N05XD when connected via USB to the A15.

If you require technical support to resolve this problem, our staff is standing by and can be reached at or by sending a Remote Support email through the Aurender app. Our team will be more than happy to assist you in finding a solution to this issue.