Copying songs, favorites and playlists from between Aurenders

I have two Aurenders in two houses. I cannot transfer new songs etc from one to another , only make cloning, a long and risky process. It should be possible to select only the new items and copy only those to the other Aurender. Even better would be to use a cloud disk to do this instead of external disks. Maybe now that we have an Aurender account it could be a nice feature .

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Hello @Luc,

Thank you for sharing your experience and the need for a more convenient way to transfer songs between your two Aurenders. We understand that cloning can be a lengthy and complicated process.

I’d like to introduce you to our Smart Copy function in the Conductor app, which may be the solution you’re looking for. This feature allows for a more targeted copying of new items, potentially simplifying your process. For a comprehensive guide on how to use Smart Copy, you may refer to this manual:

I hope this feature serves your needs and enhances your experience with Aurender. Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions.

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I will study that. But must it be a network drive? Can it be a usb drive conneced to the Aurenders ?

On another subject, the V4 is not ready. Many many bugs.

  • no display of existing playlists names when saving. Retyping the name is source of mistakes. And since there is no way to delete playlists…

-The menu on top : Albums, Artis, etc… do not fit in French. The S appears on a second line .

Alao, they are not clikable on my ipad.

You can no longer minimize the song selector with a sweep . You have to move the playlist, resulting in unwanted song change.

I really like the sound of your products and the app. But this V4 is less than before.

Replace the team or risk losing a lot of ground to the competition.

You should do as well as Bluos.


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@Luc Thank you for your detailed feedback. We take it seriously as we aim to improve Conductor V4 further.

  1. Yes, you can use the Smart Copy function with an external USB drive connected to the Aurender. In the Folder tab, simply select USB as your source.

  1. We understand the inconvenience caused by not displaying existing playlist names when saving. I have added this to our wishlist, and we plan to address it in one of our upcoming updates.

  1. Thank you for bringing the language formatting issue to our attention. This has been added to our wishlist for future fixes.

  1. The ability to minimize the song selector with a sweep is present in V4, but the interactive area is smaller than before. (4.1.3 or higher)

I’ve also added this to our wishlist for possible improvements.

  1. Could you please elaborate on the issue of moving the playlist resulting in unwanted song changes? I would like to understand this better in order to address it effectively.


Thank you for making me star of the month ? Do I win an Aurender of my choice ?

Concerning the Smart copy: I first need to copy new music, favorites and newand/or modified playlists on one of the Aurenders to a drive. Can I do that ?

Then taking this drive to the second Aurender, copy the new stuff. But what do I do about the new stuff which were added to the second Aurender? copy that to another usb drive and then back to the first Aurender.

It would be so much easier if you created an cloud service to synchronize Aurenders. Supporting Google Drice , Onedrivre and icloud as you do for Network drives would make it easy for you to implement a synchonize version.


@Luc Thank you for your feedback and congratulations on being the star of the month! :tada:
While there isn’t an Aurender of your choice as a prize, we appreciate your active participation in our community.

Regarding your query on Smart Copy: Your understanding is correct. We see how the current setup could be cumbersome when you want to synchronize new music and playlists across multiple Aurenders. We understand the utility of a cloud service for synchronization and appreciate your suggestion for supporting Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud.

For now, to clarify your immediate needs: You’re looking to copy new files from USB storage to Aurender A, and then only copy the newly added music to Aurender B, correct? We will discuss this internally to explore ways of making the process more convenient for you.