Copy status

Can’t find copy status when returning to copy function

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@Mikedaniels Could you please let us know which version of the Conductor app you are currently using? We believe this issue has been resolved in version 4.1.5.

If you haven’t updated to version 4.1.5, we strongly recommend doing so to resolve the issue.
Here are the links for the beta install:

  1. How to Install Conductor V4 Beta for iPhone?
  2. How to Install Conductor V4 Beta for iPad?

Please update and let us know if the issue persists.

Yes, v.4.0. I need a code from you to install test flight.

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Cannot update. I get an error message when check version.

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Hello @Mikedaniels,

Thank you for letting us know you’re using version 4.0. To help you update to version 4.1.5,
I’ve updated the manual links that include the TestFlight URL for easy installation.
Please refer to these manuals for the installation process.

Additionally, could you please share the error message you receive when you try to check the version?