Conductor 4 for desktop

The capability to run Conductor on a laptop is a game-changer. It works extremely well the extra real-estate completely changes the way we can interact with a collection. Very well done! It’s fast, smooth, stable and pretty flawless so far.

The only problem I found is that it keeps checking and downloading library data about every minute or so. It seems to happen only while busy browsing and adding tracks to the play queue - have not seen it updating when the interface is not being interacted with.

Don’t know if anyone else has also experienced this issue?
(Macbook Pro M1 with Ventura 13.6)

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Hello @henk,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear that running Conductor on a laptop has been a game-changing experience for you, and that you’ve found it fast, smooth, and stable.

Regarding the issue you’ve encountered with the app constantly checking and downloading library data, could you please confirm which version of the Conductor app you are currently using? We’d like to know if this problem persists with version 4.1.5.

If you haven’t updated to version 4.1.5 yet, we strongly recommend doing so. In your case, you can update the app directly through TestFlight. Here is the link to install or update to the beta version of the app:

You can also refer to these manuals for further guidance:

  1. How to Install Conductor V4 Beta for iPhone?
  2. How to Install Conductor V4 Beta for iPad?

Hello Daniel
Thank you! It was Version 4.00.
Updated to 4.1.5 and the issue seems to be resolved.
Working very well and really enjoying this interface.

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Thank you for the update!
I’m delighted to hear that updating to version 4.1.5 resolved the issue you were facing. :grinning:

I will also confirm this appears fixed. Despite being a common code base 4.0 on iPhone never caused this issue it was only when V4 became available for the iPad that I noticed the issue. Regardless V4.1.5 appears good in this regard.

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I just noticed that the folder bar (second from the top) does not scroll sideways when dragging it left and right as it does on the iPad apps. Dragging it left and right instead increases and decreases the size of the library area.

@henk Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve observed the behavior of the folder bar you described, and I see what you mean. The functionality of the folder bar on the iPad apps is indeed different from what you’re experiencing.
I appreciate your feedback, and I’ve added this feature to our wishlist for future improvements.