Change 5-Star rating system to simple "Favorite" option

Most users do not seem to care for the 5-star rating system. Perhaps a simple option to mark a track or album or artist as a “favorite” would be of greater utility.


5-star rating system is a ‘must have’ for me to memorize and order my best tracks.
On Conductor V4, I would suggest to keep ratings visible when the playlist is fully discovered (pushed on the right side) as it was on V3. Now, we have to clic on … of every line of the playlist to see it’s rating and other infos, that’s very annoying for me. I would suggest to keep the rating visible and clic only to see more infos.
I would also suggest to create a special rating showing this track as ‘bad’, the 4 remaining stars unchanged.
Besides, ratings aren’t stored as tags. The main flaw is that if you change the (physical) name of a the file, you loose the rating you applied. Same if you change the name of your Server or even the name of your main folder: you loose all your ratings…There is a solution to recover them (not very easy), but Aurender should give us a tuto on that.
Thank you for caring.

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@Streetplane Thank you for your detailed feedback on the 5-star rating system in Conductor V4. Could you confirm if you’re using the latest tablet app version? Ratings should be visible in that version. If not, could you please share a screenshot with us? We’ve added your suggestion for a specific ‘bad’ rating, as well as the issue regarding the loss of ratings when changing file or server names, to our wishlist for future updates.

To better understand and effectively implement the ‘bad’ rating feature, could you elaborate on how you envision it working?