Better info in Folder view

I mostly use locallly stored files.

But the information displayed on my phone and ipad is minimal when the file is selected from Folder view. When I play the same album from album view the displayed info is much better and offers more choices when selecting the song, like adding play now and add the rest to the queue. I often have to look at the Qobuz app to find out even where a new piece beginnings. For example I have an album of Rachmaninov variations where one set of variations might be 20 tracks or more. I can not tell in conductor where a new set of variatioins begins.

I know there are ways to add tags etc. to files but way to complicated and time intensive for me.

Problem is, I often can not find the album in album view . Especiallly for classical where there is often concuctors, artists, composers etc. that somehow tags the music in a way that makes it hard to find, and I am not interested in scrolling through mly 1000 albums.

It would be very useful if there some way to link Folder view to the information and choices available in album view.

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@bckp00 Reading your post trying to think of constructive suggestion that could help but pretty difficult situation as you really need software that reads your files and then fills in the additional metadata. There are some ways to do this if your files are accurately ripped local files that can be identified by such software.

I am sure you probably know Aurender reads the metadata in the files only and just certain primary fields. So if the information is not good or incomplete you end up with less than ideal library interactions. Classical is also historically the most difficult genre metadata wise. Folder view to my recollection has always been there and suspect primarily for situations where little or no metadata exists for Conductor.

The real solution is to improve the metadata and maybe finding a 3rd party to do it for you as you indicated you don’t have an interest in that endeavor which I understand. From curating my own library metadata for 15+ years the time involved can be substantial.

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thanks for trying, i will probably just accept the situation, can use qobuz, or even roon just to look at the album. I really am all in with aurender anyway because of the sound quality

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@bckp00 Thank you for sharing your experience with us regarding the differences between Folder View and Album View.

As you may know, the space in Folder View is limited, but we’d like to make it as useful for you as possible. Could you please specify which metadata you’d like to see displayed when using Folder View? Your input will help us make targeted improvements. If you could provide more detailed information along with a screenshot, that would be extremely helpful for us. Thank you!

It appears that the problem I had has been addressed somewhat. My albums in folder view are now displaying some of the song title, but not the whole title which is available in album view.
I did take a couple of screenshots to show the difference, but I do not see how to attach them to this message.

trying to attach photos which show the difference between album view and folder view.

In folder view you can not tell which string quartet you are listening too.



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@bckp00 Thank you for providing screenshots to illustrate the difference between Album View and Folder View. I’ve added this specific issue to our wishlist, and we will consider making these improvements in future updates.

Re missing information in folder view:

If you are in library info is missing. After you add music to the queue if you look at the queue the info is there I think the same as album view.

@bckp00 Thank you for bringing to our attention the issue of missing information in the Folder View as compared to the Queue and Album View in the Conductor app. Should you continue to experience this issue with the library information missing even after a scan, and specifically if you are using the latest version of the Conductor app (4.3.9 or above), please reach out to us through our remote support email.(Settings > Help > Send Remote Support Email) For a more efficient resolution, attaching a video that demonstrates the issue would be greatly beneficial.

Additionally, your feedback regarding the Folder View is highly valued and has been added to our wishlist for future updates. While I am unable to provide an exact release date at this time, please know that we are diligently working towards enhancing our app’s functionality. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.