Better handling of box sets

Request better handling of box sets, especially for classical music. Better ability to choose what is a box set.

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Hello @Steveoat ,

Thanks for your feedback.

What I understand about your feedback is selecting songs and albums. Is it correct?

We are always ready to listen with an open mind to your suggestions.

I would really appreciate it if you could provide a little more detailed explanation about your feedback.

@Steveoat yes, this is a feature that we’ve discussed a lot internally. We are envisioning some kind of album “groupings” feature where discrete albums can be grouped into one set. This would be handy for box sets that compile a group of discrete albums into one set, in order to maintain the album “item” but also be able to view it in the context of a larger grouping of albums. This would also be great for other types of groupings. For example, I will often make a playlist based on recommendations from various blogs/publications. It works, but it is less elegant than an album-oriented grouping pattern.

This feature is certainly on the wishlist and I will personally push for it as soon as some bandwidth opens up in our development schedule.

Is this still in the works?