Aurender adding Public Google DNS to units without permission

Since Aurender relies on DHCP to obtain IP information I have noticed despite DNS being provided by the DHCP query response the Aurender will append the Google public DNS host In the attached screen shot I have blocked out the two DNS servers provided by DHCP but you can see this host added.

The Aurender should honor the DHCP record and not use another public DNS host without user consent.

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Hello @RickSmith,

Thank you for bringing up your concerns. To better understand the issue and assist you, could you request a remote support for your Aurender?

Once you’ve enabled remote support on your Aurender unit, could you kindly share a picture of the front screen with us?


I can do this week but given Aurender software is based on a linux distro would guess this Google DNS record is hardcoded in the /etc/resolv.conf file and is being appended after the DHCP provided entries.

@RickSmith We’ve double-checked internally and confirmed that the IP address serves as a fallback option. This is in case the DHCP server fails to provide a DNS server or if the provided DNS server is non-functional. By default, our system will use the DNS server specified by the DHCP server. I’ve also noted that the app currently displays alongside the DHCP-provided DNS. This issue has been added to our wishlist for future updates.