Ability to rescan just one folder for updates

Not sure if this functionality already exists, but when I make changes to large box sets, I would like the ability to just rescan that box set instead of everything on my drives.

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Hi Steve,

That is how the scanner is intended to work ie just scan incrementally changes only. This should happen automatically once changes are detected but if not if you choose “Scan for newly added files” it will find new AND changed files. That wording of that button could definitely be more clear.

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Hi @Steveoat,
When music files are added or deleted in Storage, Aurender automatically updates the DB file. (The
metadata information of every music and album is stored in the DB file. And based on this, it is displayed in the app and Aurender.)

If you want to manually update the DB immediately before Aurender updates automatically, you can use the “Scan for newly added files”. In this case, Aurender will update the existing DB file.

In most situations, we recommend you wait until scan starts automatically or use “Scan for newly added files”. However, in very rare cases when the DB file is broken or cannot be updated, you can use a “Clean Scan”. In this case, it may take a long time depending on the amount of content in the storage.

@RickSmith Thank you so much for answering the question.